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Day 47

More shopping and walking!

overcast 11 °C

Today I had a little more of a sleep in and headed back into the city to look at some more shops and walk along the water front. Today the weather was pretty crappy and overcast and foggy. I then went back into the city and got my nails done! Now I feel like I am on holiday. I am hoping this gives me inspiration to stop biting them!

Later this evening, Catherina and I went to the cutest café down the road. Bella and Emily you would have loved this place, it reminded me of your mums shop Bel. It was so pretty, with pink and blue chairs and cushions everywhere.



We then went next door and had the best Sushi for dinner. I got my Chai fix and sushi fix all within 2 hours! Lovely.



I feel like this blog is a bit like Instagram.

On the way home I saw this car, how cute is it? I was taller than it! We then headed home and watched some Germany TV. I understand what is happening by the actor’s body language and that’s it. Tomorrow we are going to IKEA! I cant wait, I love IKEA.


This city would be so pretty in the winter, here is one of the many trees they put christmas lights around. Everyone is preparing themselves for the winter!

IMG_2197.jpg Def want to come back in the winter!!

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Day 46


overcast 11 °C

Today all I did was shopped. Catherina had to work and I went into the city after I woke and spent way too much. I feel like I am spending fake money! It’s really bad. My backpack is full of gifts and new clothes, and that’s about it. Here is a little picture with some things I brought.


That evening, Catherina and I went to a large supermarket here in Hannover and I got chocolate for people in Brisbane and myself. They have so much Christmas chocolate in and all the Christmas calendars! I can’t wait for Christmas!


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Day 45


sunny 21 °C

Today we went to the ZOO! I love Zoos, just like the thousand children that were there. Today was so nice and warm, about 20 degrees for the day and this is so strange for Germany for the time of the year. I think I definitely have luck on my side when it comes to weather! We walked around the Zoo for 3 hours, it was huge! This zoo is one of the biggest in Germany. We saw meerkats, rhinos, elephants, polar bears, birds, giraffes, zebras, EVERYTHING. But no Kiwi birds, only the other half of me, Kangaroos!


In the zoo they had boats that you go on to see the animals closer.





We then went into the city where they have a large lake in the centre of the city. This lake was pretty nice, the trees surrounding it was nicer! I am loving loving loving the prettiness of the trees this time of year. They are everywhere and make the lake look 20X better and beautiful. We got some chips and sat for about 40 minutes watching the view. Two hot air balloons went passed and a wedding. It was cute.




We then walked back to Catherina´s house via a large park that had many awesome trees! It was so beautiful and the best weather. There was a ‘love lock’ bridge similar to Paris in this park. Its slowly getting full of love. We went via the town hall again and it looked better than yesterday. We were going to go up it, but it closed at 5 and it was about 4.45, so we will go Tuesday I think.





We headed home and now we are making a home made dinner. Meat balls, roasted vegetables and fried vegetables. YUUMMMM. Later we are going to watch Sex in the City, in English (you will be proud Bridget) and possibly the Hangover as I have not seen the whole movie.

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Day 44


sunny 19 °C

Today I left BoBo in Hamburg and headed to Hannover. Missing you Bo! The train was only one and a half hours and I meet Catherina. She is a friend who came to Brisbane to learn English and she stayed with us while she was in the country. We headed to her house, which is about 10mintues from the central city centre and I dumped my bags. We then went into the city for me to get my sense of direction and have a look at some shops.


I passed this dude and I am surprised he didn’t fly away!

We got some lunch at a cute Italian café. I got the biggest Margarita pizza and ate it all! I was starving and it was so good. After this we had a walk around the ‘Old City’ of Hannover. The buildings are so much nicer and older than all the modern ones around. The walk down the Old City was pretty and it held so much history.



After this we went into the local church which was pretty amazing. All the churches I have seen have been beautiful and full of detail everywhere. All Contiki people, I turned around in this church and saw these two people; I couldn’t help but think of Alex and his reaction to this. Sorry Alex, but this is something that will always remind me of you! (And will never forget). :)



After this, on the way to the town hall we went under this cool bridge with cars on both sides!


We got to the town hall to take some photos because it was such a nice day and we weren’t sure if it would stay like that for the next few days. On the way, I saw this shop Emma and thought of you Emmy. (and Emma Cumming and Emma from The Woods :) ).


About 2 shops down I saw this shop Charlotte and thought of you (Charlotte Moffatt and Charlotte Mullen :) ).



We then headed back to Catherina´s house and got changed to have some dinner. We walked to a restaurant down the road called Hogers. I had typical German food, curry sausages and potatoes salad. It was so so sooooooo yummy, but I had such a huge lunch I only ate half! Such a waste. We then headed home and watched Germany’s version of Australia’s got Talent. It was so funny watching the acts, some people here are craycray!



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Day 43

Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp.

sunny 22 °C

Today, Bo, myself and his mum headed to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany. This camp was 1 and a half hours away from Bo´s home town but worth the drive! The whole way was forests and beautiful trees all loosing their leaves. The trees were yellow, red and orange! The most prettiest trees i think i have ever seen. Bergen - Belsen is one of the main concentration camps in Germany. This is where Anne Frank and her sister are at rest. They got moved here together from Westerbork, where they were with their family. Anne and her sister died here due Typhus in March 1945. I really really liked this camp compared to the other one we went to on the contiki because of its surroundings The trees were truly beautiful and it was the best day to see something like this because of the weather. There was not a cloud in the sky and it felt so peaceful. I was also very quiet when it came to people, there was this HUGE feild with just me and Bo reading up on the facts and seeing what happened where.



Oh the TREES!!





Tonight, we went for dinner at an Italian restaurant with Bo´s parents and his good friend Olli. Bo had a dinner with his work friends so we met back at the house after this. Dinner was super nice, i had Duck with Vegetables and pasta. DELLLIISSSSHHHHH


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