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Day 37


sunny 11 °C

Today was the day that i meet up with a good old friend Bo. For those that do not know Bo, he went to my high school during the years 10-11 i think. We became good friends and he became one of us within a few weeks of him being at this new, strange school ;). We have kept in contact since he left and when i was planning my trip here i thought there was no way i would come all this way and not see BoBo. So here we are.

We met in Hamburg this morning and walked around the city a little (not much because i have a week here and my bag seems to be getting bigger and heavier). From what i saw today, Hamburg is so pretty. There are beautiful big trees everywhere! The rain cleared which was a positive and it was such a nice day. Tonight, Bo is having a birthday party. He also turned 20 this week (on the 10th) so tonight is the night to celebrate together!





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Day 36

Travelling to Hamburg


Today, i have no photos at all. I got the tram with Margo from our hostel to Centraal station and found my train to Hamburg. I had one stop somewhere in Germany and had to change trains. The weather was getting colder and colder! I reached Hamburg and it was raining :( got a cab to my hotel, used a little WiFi and then headed to my room. (on the 7th floor and it was dark walking there, i was freaked out and didnt want to leave my room). I met a lovely guy from Portugal at the wifi spot and shared a pizza together before i headed for bed. Thats really all i did today . . . good times.

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Day 35



Today Margo and I headed to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Ryan from Contiki and Will who was in our room joined us. I enjoyed the museum although it was not all of his original work because they are making the other museum bigger and nicer.


(Sophie, Lilli and Ruby - remember painting this at Wainui Beach? i do)


(Zoe this one reminded me of you)

They had a cool 3D experience for his work. . this is us in our glasses.


We then had a snack at the cafe there, me and Margo shared some nice Nachos (minus the cheese).


After this we headed into the city for a little shopping. Will bought a bag and in the end so did i. I was looking for a handbag for ages and i found one i loved! Dont have a photo though sorry.

We then headed back to the hostel and had a few drinks before returning out for some dinner.

We met Ryan´s room buddies, Jack and Jessie. These guys were cool and ended up coming for dinner with us. we went to all you can eat ribs. they were so messy but so yummy!

After dinner, we headed to the Shooters bar, which is a bar that only really sells shots and is known for its shots. On the pub crawl with Contiki we also went here, so going again made me re-live some of my birthday! (as i dont remember much). It was good fun and we had about 5 shots each in 20 mins! They had everything from Crazy Kiwi´s to Harry Potters, M and Ms, EVERYTHING you can think off.



Sorry about my spelling and grammer - i am using Bo´s laptop and one, its mac and two its all in German so i cant find half the symbols i need!

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Day 34

Amsterdam Bike ride


Today me and Margo slept in until about 10pm and it was so good! the first sleep in i have had for about 5 weeks. We got some breakfsat and went to hire bikes for the day. This was so cool, i felt like such a local. Thats what everyone does here, its the norm to ride bikes around. The trams are so dodgy though, people dont realise how close they are and all they do is ring their bell but people get hit all the time. We rode around the park to get used to the bikes and then followed one road for ages until we were a little lost. Buts thats they way i wanted it to be, i enjoyed riding to nowhere! The weather was cold though, i brought another jumper to ride with. the breeze was likt ice!! We then got a picnic lunch in the park and chilled in the sun for a hour or so and then returned our bike.

A guy called Ryan from my contiki is staying at the same hostel, so this afternoon we had a few drinks and remember good times over the last three weeks.

I am currently upto date now with my blog. Tomorrow i have one more day in Amsterdam and then to Hamburg on Friday to see Bo! Can't wait.





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Day 33

Amsterdam with Margo


Today Margo and myself had the day to explore and see some tourist things. We started early at Anne Franks House. The line when we walked was actually pretty small. After about 40 mintues we were in and wow it was amazing to see because i had read her diary before i left. Everything she said all made more sense seeing the house. It was one of the main things i wanted to do here and now i have done it. :)



We then walked back with some friends we had met at the hostel and had a hot chocolate with them and then headed to a park to chill. After this we went to some markets down the road which were nice, i almost brought a lot of things! We then came back to the hostel and i had a little nap. after this we went down for some drinks at the bar and met some nice guys from NZ and Aus (like normal). us 6 went for dinner and then back to the hostel to chill. It was a pretty good day, much more relaxed and not so busy as contiki!


this was our pudding! so funny, but yummy!

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