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Day 32


Today was my birthday, but it was also the day we all had to say goodbye to contiki gang. We woke (hung over) at 7am and the people heading back to London had to leave by 8. we went downstairs to say goodbye and made it nice and quick before people felt sad. Sanda, Dan and I headed back to our room and we got ready to head into the centre of Amsterdam. We went for lunch a this cute cafe and explored the city a little. They then headed off to Sanda's grandparents and i went to my hostel were i was meeting Marog (again from The Woods). I chilled with Glenn, Jase, Lorrie, Rachel and Amy for the afternoon until we went for dinner down the road and by 8pm Margo came. We were going to head out but i was so tired from the past 20 days all i wanted to do was roll up into a ball and sleep for the rest of my life. So by 10pm, i was out to it.

this also is a lame blog becasue i have no photos, only on my iphone of my cake Sanda and Danika bought me! It was real cute of them and they sang me happy birthday. thanks girls :)

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Day 31

Last day of Coniki :( :( :(


Today was the final full day we all had together as the bus wankers. We had a free day for the city. Sanda, Danika and I walked around the centre and did some shopping (i figured I was here until Friday, I had plenty of time to do the tourist things). We had pancakes in the morning with Taylor, Mat, Megghey and a few others which was nice. I had the best hot chocolate! We did some shopping and met back up with the gang at 3pm at our meeting point (the Grass Hopper.) we headed back to our accommodation and got ready for a HUGE night.

We started with a cannel tour of the city on water. That was good fun and we got three free drinks. I loved the wine. We then ended our tour from the boat onto our eating place for the night where we met the others who didn’t participate in the cannel cruise. We had lovely Asian meal and more wine. Then we started a pub crawl of Amsterdam! This was awesome because when it reached 12pm it was my BIRTHDAAAAAY.




Everyone who knows me well knows how much i love birthdays; well this one was 100X better than last year because i didn’t get kicked out of anywhere! I got brought a few to many drinks and when we reached to Shot bar, all they sold was shots, i remember having one that was on fire. I think that tipped me off the edge! and what made it even better was at 12pm, the DJ played its your birthday by 50 Cent! i was partying on someones shoulders for the whole song. it was so awesome! I went to bed at about 4.30am, so im glad i saw my birthday through well!!


IMG_1398.jpg good photo Blake, thanks for the shot!


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Day 30



Today we left Germany and headed to Amsterdam. On the way we had a little bit of Dutch culture! We saw how clogs are made and try some of the famous Dutch Edam at a cheese farm. I didn’t try the cheese though – gross. But the clog show was worth it, it was so interesting and i was so tempted to buy some! But i didn’t. We then cruise into the countryside and bike around like the laid back locals, past working windmills, to the world-famous cheese village of Edam. This was good fun, but again i am a little slack with pics these days (never thought i would say this) but i have hardly any!

That night we went to a sex show in Amsterdam. . This was so interesting. Not what I expected at all really and was generally disgusting what they were doing on stage. Anyway, we then walked back through the red light district and headed to a pub for a drink or two and experience Amsterdam for what its known for. This was fun and we then headed to GrassHooper were our pick up point was, but a lot of us stayed out and went back to the accommodation. All we had to say in the taxi was “contiki” and again, like Florence, they knew were to take us!


this is Alex, Sanda, me and Amy.


Old mate Blake


They are going to hate me, but this is Craig and Danika.

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Day 29

Rhine Valley


Today we left Switzerland and headed back into Germany. We went over the border and into Germany; we head to the university town of Heidelberg. Wander around, grab a late lunch and check out its famous Baroque church. This town was pretty beautiful; there was this one bridge that was just covered in flowers and daises. It was so pretty.

The coach follows the Rhine River, weaving through valleys dotted with castles and vineyards. Next stop - the pretty, old-world village of St. Goar, complete with fairy tale castle and even a free-hanging cuckoo clock! We went to a stein demonstration and then a clock shop. All the clocks were nicely detailed, if only i had more room i would have bought one. That night was pretty chilled, we had some dinner, some people wanted to go wine tasting but i stayed with a few people to play cards then had an early one. The weather here was pretty nice, warmish but still cold wind. No rain which was good, it was from all the positive energy we had on the couch :)

This blog is pretty borning, i am at the point i forget to take photos! Sozzzzz

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Day 28



Today was the BEST day. We headed up to visit Jungfrau Mountain. This mountain was amazing, you are seriously on top of the world. This was the sheer slopes of this UNESCO World Heritage-listed site on a cog rail to Europe’s highest railway station, and step out onto the “roof” of Europe for spine-tingling views. We had a hour and a half train up to the top and every 10 minutes the temp dropped about 1 and a half degrees i swear. It was beyond cold at the top. We went out side and it started to snow a little!! I was so excited, this was my first real snow experience (snow planet doesn’t count). I really enjoyed the day and the people we were with made it awesome.





We stayed outside until we felt like our hands were going to fall off. We headed inside, looked at more of the views and made our way down. The journey down was 2 hours and when we all got in the train, everyone fell asleep! There was such short oxygen, it was funny. I wish we got a picture. We then headed back to the accommodation; I tired to have a nap but failed. We got drinking and tonight was a hugggge night. The theme was Switzerland colours. We started the night with 33 plus people in one room, drinking vodka and what not. We then headed to the bar at our accommodation and continued to drink a little more. It was pretty fun night





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