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Day 27

Heading to Switzerland


Today we headed to Switzerland were we were staying for 2 days. We left Munich for a long drive to past the stony cliffs of Liechtenstein, into the capital, Vaduz, where we got some lunch and had to change some money into the Switzerland currency: Switz Franks. Lunch was nice and then we headed to Lucerne.




This is where our accommodation was. I had to do dishes (again) but it was allgood because the people who were also doing it did a lot of the work (thanks Alex, you were super fast). Mum if you are reading this (which i hope you are) i met Jackie! She is so nice, we talked for ages about you and work. Jackie is mums friend who works with the Contiki team in Switzerland, she works in the kitchen.


Thanks Megghy for letting her know i was asking about her. That night we had a pretty chilled night, the big party was the night after. Me, Danika, Craig and Alex oh and Blake had some drinks at the bar with our driver Joau and then headed to bed around 1.


Danika, me and Joau.


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Day 26

Heading to Munich and OKTOBERFESSSSSSST


Today we headed from beautiful Austria to Munich for Oktoberfest! I am so behind on my blog and my dairy I can’t remember exactly what we did. Sooo, here is my best shot. We left from Austria (not hung over because we were all saving ourselves for Munich) and headed straight over the boarder for a concentration camp called Dachau. This was an experience that was rather heart breaking and unbelievable. We saw the gas chambers, the beds and the way these people were treated like animals. It was sad.



Once we left there we headed straight into the city centre and got to buy some costumes for that night. We found some beer maid costumes and were amped up for the night ahead of us. We headed back to the hostel, got ready and went to Oktoberfest at around 4pm. This was so late to go because all the tents were full of people and we didn’t find a seat for about 3 hours until we went into the international tent and finally found some people from the contiki (Blake, Mil and a few other girls). From there we drank with them, talked to some locals and I meet Margo (from The Woods). We had pretty good time for the rest of the night and headed back to the hostel at 10pm for our pick up. Me, Craig, Alex, Rebecca and a few others went down to the hostel bar and carried the night on a little. It was good fun!




the last photo is with Megghy, the best tour manager in the world!

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Day 25



Today I slept in until 11am! It was great, apart from I missed breakfast. When me and Danika woke we got ready to meet the group for paragliding over Austria. We left at 1pm and the mountains were rather foggy but by 1.30 it had cleared a lot and the surroundings were beautiful! We went in groups of 9 up the mountain via a mini van. I was in the second group and as we drove up, butterflies were starting in my stomach. We were so so high and the view was really beautiful. I met my guy who was the instructor and got suited up. We had to run rather fast over the edge of the hill to get our pace and I lost my balance and skidded my jeans in the mud, but finally we were air borne and I really cant describe the feeling of flying over this city. It was so pretty and it really felt like I was flying. We went to the left, to the right and slowly down to the landing strip. We had a “rollercoaster” towards the end and we literally went up side down and all over the place. I cant describe it and even the photos don’t show half the things I saw. I recommend doing paragliding before you die. it’s a must!




After this, we walked into the town to the cheapest supermarket and stocked up on some cheap alcoholic drinks. They were such a bargain. We then headed back to the accommodation and Sanda and I went for a bike ride with our bus driver Joao to the cutest little stream full of trout fish. We then biked back, had dinner and a early one. Tomorrow is Munich which means Oktoberfest!!

(just realised i turn 20 in one week!) arrrhhhhh.



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Day 24

Leaving Venice :(


Today we left Venice and headed for Austria - Triol to be exact. We stopped twice on this journey. Our first stop was white water rafting. This was awesome! The water was 6 degrees and air temp would have been warmer but not sure what temperature. The water was so nice and drinkable, it was good for all of us with a hangover! We had 7 people in our boat. We had to jump out into the water and practise rescuing our friends but we didn’t actually flip the boat during the time we were on the water (I was hoping we would!). Once we finished we got given a shot of apple schnapps to “warm up our insides” and it really did. We then headed to the Swarovski Museum which was amazing, such great statues of crystals inside. The weather here in really cold compared to Italy. We are having 5 degree nights and 10-15 during the day. Compared to 31 in Italy! I did enjoy the museum, but I did not enjoy the prices of everything. I splashed out and got some beautiful earrings! They are so lovely.

this is the biggest crystal in the world. and they had the smallest but my camera is not that clever.



This evening we had a party, “White, Bright and Tight” party. Me being the party animal went out with the boys and a few other girls from our tour. Not many people were keen because today was a big day. The party was pretty average, from what we have been at it was boring a little. But I stayed till 12 and enjoyed everyone’s company.


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Day 23

Day in Venice!


Today we had a free day in Venice. Some people did a walking tour of the city but me and Rein walked around together and ditched the group. We went to Saint Michael church and the whole ceiling is covered in real gold. It was really amazing, we lined up for about 40 minutes.


We then walked to the Raito Bridge which was cool, I liked Venice because its impossible to get lost. We walked with out a map and found everything fine. The bridge was covered with people and shops on the top, mainly jewellery stores. We then walked back to meet the group at 11 am to do a glass blowing demonstration.


On the way back to the centre of the city the water levels started to rise and the city was literally flooding. It was so random, and amazing. This city is literally going under. It floods for about 6 hours in the day, but not overly covered with water, just like your ankles. We went to meet the group, and we were about 1 minute late and they left with out us! I was pisses because I really wanted to see the demonstration. Anyway, we walked around trying to find the others and finally ran into them at the place. I got to have a look in the glass shop and all their products were incredible and expensive. But worth seeing the shops. We then wondered around and looked at more shops. After this, Sanda, Amy, Danika and myself found the cutest pizza place for lunch. It was the best pizza I have ever eaten, better than Rome and Florence. Megghy joined us for lunch and we then met the others for a gondola ride through the water ways of Venice. This was also amazing and beautiful views all the way. Me and Amy were with Craig, Alex, Brad and Blake. We had a bottle of wine for the ride and enjoyed the 15 minutes of this floating city.Blake was a cuttie and brought some roses for our group. Amy and I being the only girls claimed them. After our gondola ride we headed back to the accommodation and had dinner. Straight after dinner we had another party which included never have I ever with about 20 people, it was interesting. We also played several rounds of Flip a Cup, which was awesome. After this we went to the actual pub in the campsite and had more drinks, danced on the tables and played flip a cup. This was one loose night, everyone got pretty drunk!



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