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Day 22

Heading to Venice!


Today was the day we left Rome (and what I wished was the bed bugs) and headed to Venice! On the way we stoped at the Ferrari museum which was awesome, such flash cars. We had the option to go for a drive or a ride but I didn’t. The weather today was awesome, more sun shine and not as much clouds. A few boys drove the cars and we sat in the Café watching them and browsing in the shop they had there. We then headed to Venice, the city on water! We also went to a designer outlet mall called Barberino.



We had a pizza demonstration on how the Italians make their amazing pizza. I cannot look at Pizza hut or dominoes the same, any pizza not from Italy is not classified as real pizza (apart from Trevor Bell’s, yours will always be awesome). We then had an hour to shop and I was really surprised but I didn’t buy one thing. There was Guess stores, Gucci and Nike ect but I felt rushed and had not much time to really browse.

After this we went straight to Venice, to our accommodation. This day was a rather long day for travelling, I think the longest. We had dinner and then some drinks. A group of us played some cards and then it got to 2 am and everyone went to bed. Me and Danika stayed up until 3.30am talking to our bus driver and another driver from another tour. It was good fun. We did think to pull an all nighter but 3 hours sleep was better than none in my mind.


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Day 21

Free Day in Rome

sunny 31 °C

Today we had a free day in Rome to walk around and see the city. Megghy organised a walking tour in the morning but because we were limited time a few of us started at the colosseum and skipped the tour. We had a guided tour in there (Me, Amy, Craig, Alex, Glenn, Jase, Blake, Danika and Sanda). We learnt a lot about the colosseum, it was amazing what they did back in the day and the history behind it all. This took about one and a half hours and the weather could not be better. It was 31 degrees and so so warm, but not like we were getting burnt.



We then walked to the Trevi Fountain which was amazing, but so packed with people. We took some pictures and threw in a coin for luck. After this we headed for some lunch with the boys.



I had the nicest type of pasta. It was basil, tomato and pasta. So much flavour and not much ingredients. We started to walk to the Spanish Steps via a few shops/ I am getting a shot glass from every city and a key ring. The Spanish Steps were nice, rather busy also. There is a beautiful church at the top which was worth seeing. Also, there was a wedding happening on these steps which looked like a cool place to get married. They had the best view.


After the steps we wondered to this AMAZING bone chapel called Capuchin Monks in Rome. This place was a bit airy and scary, but whoever made it was incredible. There were 3 walls full of peoples bones from the past. They were all capuchin monks that had died and buried but they dig everyone up and stored their bones in this chapel. It was really worth seeing, we were not allowed to take photos but I am sneaky and always get photos were I go.


After this we went back to the station where we were to meet Megghy on the metro. The metro system was easier than I thought, we didn’t get lost once!

That night we just chilled and had a few drinks, nothing overly exciting happened. apart from changing rooms because of the lame bugs. they are so gross.

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Day 20

Heading to ROME!


Today was the day that we set off to Rome. We left Florence pretty early and reached Rome. Our first stop in Rome was the Vatican City tour. After a day on the couch, half the group were over travelling and we all wanted to head to our accommodation. The tour of Vatican City was PACKED with people. Megghy said it was the worst she had ever seen it. We were walking and listening to history for 2 and a half hours, and don’t get me wrong it was awesome, but by the time we were out I was over it! The pope wasn’t home which was a shame, would have been cool to see him. The building is closed to the public on Wednesday mornings so that would explain why it was so busy that afternoon.



After this, we had a walking tour to do, but all of us where exhausted and Megghy changed it to the next morning which was good. So we headed to our accommodation and that night had a party. The party theme was “I love Rome” and we had to buy the T-shirts and get everyone in the tour to sign a message on their fellow friends. I wrote DreamCarchYou on everyone’s. J made my mark. That night, at 3am, I woke Amy and I told her I had bed bugs. I was very adamant because I had googled them before. We looked in our sleeping bags and under out pillows and turns out we did. IT WAS SO DISCUSTING. They were crawling everywhere. We had to wake the others and then shared single beds between the two of us. This really made my next day shit because we had to wash our clothes, freeze our sleeping bags and change room. It was gross.


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Day 19



Today we had a free day in Flornece to look around and explore the city. We had a walking tour of the city at 9am and saw the beautiful Florence. So many naked statues and history behind everything. We then went to Leonardo Leather Works and had a demonstration on how they make the leather, make jackets and how to tell real leather from fake leather. It was really good and interesting. We then had a look around the shops and the jewellery they make there. I could have spent hundreds but I brought this sliver bracelet with all the flags of the countries on it. I love it. We then walked around the city and had some lunch.




Later this evening we headed out to a Tuscan dinner in central Florence and it was pretty nice. The food was average. We couldn’t’t eat it all, there was like one starter, one main, another main, desert and a shot to help digest all the food. So much food!!


After dinner we headed to a cool disco club. This club is the biggest in Florence and they filmed a bit of Jersey Shore here. It was a Tuesday night so it was not very busy at all. Us Contiki group owned the place. Oh I forgot, before our dinner we got a cute group photo in Florence where you can look over the city.



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Day 18



Today we left beautiful Monaco and headed to Italy. Florence was our first stop. We headed across the Italian border and reached Pisa first (home of the leaning tower). To be honest, I never knew Italy would be so dirty. The streets were full of rubbish and people trying to sell you crap like fake bags, umbrellas and illegal products. They were so annoying, they would come up to your face and say 5 Euro. Anyway, we saw the leaning tower and the day was pretty clear which made it better. There were a lot of people as you would expect but we only had an hour so no one got to go up the leaning tower or see the churches surrounding it. Getting the photo like you are pushing the tower is mega hard, we got there in the end. Within our tour we had a competition who could get the most unique picture of yourself and the tower. I used this one and got second! Which I was surprised about because I saw someone else from the public doing it.



After Pisa we headed to Florence were we stayed in cabins. This camp site was pretty nice and surrounded in trees. We all had to do some washing before dinner so we did that quickly then had some dinner. After dinner, as we headed down to get our washing someone said to us “girls, you put all your chargers and adaptors in the machine”. At this point I was thinking, that’s not me, im pretty sure they are in my bag. Turns out they were mine and everything was dripping wet. This dampened my night big time because I thought I was never going to find a canon charger that fitted my camera and my universal adapter was broken.



That night we went to a bar in Florence for some Karaoke fun. We had 2 litres of cocktails to share between us and the boys got 3 litres of beer to have. This night was so loose, everyone was drinking a lot and singing. It was so much fun. One of the best nights so far. Our friend Sanda drunk a little to much and we had to head home around 12 which was fine because happy hour started at like 8-9 so by this point we were all ready to go back to the cabins. We headed back to the campsite and i tried my chargers (being drunk i really hoped they worked) and they did! All of them, i was so happy.

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