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Day 17

Heading to Monaco!

sunny 27 °C

Today we got up early and left for what i thought was part of France but is acutally its own country, Monaco City. We arrived fine after hours of driving and looking at the views we arrived at our cabins in Nice, about 20 minute drive from Monaco. The cabins were really nice, one of the nicest accommodation we have had so far. We were told to get looking “hot and sexy” and head out to Monaco’s famous casino, Monte Carlo. Before this, we had another surprise. This was frogs legs and wine before another big night out. I actually ate a frog leg which I was surprised at because they looked alive when I saw them all!! So gross but they tasted ok. The wine washed it down which was great.



We headed out and my god the drive along Nice beach to Monaco was amazing, so so breath taking. I really like this city and will be coming back in no time!! The view from around the hills over looking the ocean was something everyone needs to do before they die. I think it was the most prettiest view I have ever seen and my photos really don’t capture it all. We arrived for a walk about dinner and learnt history about Monaco. It was really good, I enjoyed this night so much. We had another surprise, that involved more wine. We stopped at a amazing view overlooking the water for KMs and KMs, you couldnt even see the horizon.



We then headed for the casino and on the way Magghy asked the group if anyone was generally lucky when it comes to gambling and has general luck. For those of you who know my mother Dayle well, luck is in our family a little. And its not just because I carry a little lucky budda around with me. . Anyway, I said I was a little lucky so we had a group bet. Everyone put 1 EURO into a bag and we had 53 Euro to spend at the casino. . Well I did. I started at Russian roulettebecause everyone told me to go there first but I really had no idea what I was doing. So with the 10 Euro we had left I put it into the machines. At the last spin, I got 35 free spins which was awesome, and turns out I got 77 Euro out of it. Soooo, I was asking around what the group wanted to do with the money and everyone said put it back in another machine (my gut was thinking to keep the winnings) so I lost it all L but we all had so much fun and this place was amazing, I kept my eye out for all the famous people around, but saw none.


oh and this evening, we came back to the cabins and had some drinks at the bar. I really wanted to walk to the beach, which was about 15minutes away so my friend Blake and Michael headed there at about 12.30. It was so peaceful and lovely. I love listening to the waves and seeing the view. It was def worth it.

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Day 16

Picnic in France (the top of the world).


Today we had a bit of a free day in some respects. We were still at the Chateau in France and had a picnic organised within groups of 6. It was a little raining this morning and rather foggy when we all woke with our hangovers. We met our group at 10pm after breakfast and found our cute baskets for the walk. In them there was cheese, ham, tomatoes, baguettes, chips, water, apple and mars bars.



We got given a map and litually got told to head up hill along all the wine yards and beautiful scenery surroundings us. So we headed off, Amy and 5 others into the land. We got told it would be a 45 minute walk, well for us it turned out to be 2 hours or so. We followed the map well but it was so off scale and hard to see where we actually were. Regardless the environment was amazing and the fog was clearing so much. The rain slowly went away but after a few hours. We arrived to what we thought was a car park but turns out it wasn’t and we continued passed the “top of the world” that we were meant to find. Long story short we went over one hill to many but we found this beautiful patch of hill that looked over mountains and hills of France. We ate our food and wondered back to where we were actually heading and found other groups finally.



When we arrived back to the Chateau, it was so so hot. We went down by the pool and soaked up some sun for about an hour and then headed inside, chilled and had dinner. That night I was shattered! We are having so much lack of sleep because of all the drinking and walking during the days. But this is expected on Contiki. Tomorrow is a new day!

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Day 15

Heading to French Riviera

sunny 18 °C

Today we set from Paris after a nice breakfast to the Contiki french riviera Chateau. This journey took about 3 and a half hours but we had to stop every 2 hours for our hot driver Joe (english name) to have a rest and for us to walk around a little. The size of this bus is amazing, he drives it so well (especially the roads in Paris, they are like a nightmare with no lines and people going everywhere).

We arrived at the Chateau fine and had a wine tasting session as soon as we were there. This place felt like it was in the middle of nowhere, it was so peaceful and the sourroundings were beautiful! We had a pool and a huge huge land mass to walk around, sunbath and chill for the next day and a half. The wine tasting was good, i have to say i am becoming a fan of red wine which i never thought i would say. French wine is so yummy and that is mainly what i have been drinking this whole tour.



After this, we had dinner and dishes (me being who i am, i volunteered to do the dishes while in the French Riviera). This was fine and that was my good deed for the day. :) Dinner was nice and then we had a party at "The Cave" downstairs. this is a club in this hotel and it is underground as we were in a valley so all the noise would ecco around the houses. It was so cool, the party was a "P" party where you had to dress in something beginning with P. Amy, Sanda, Danika and I went as Panthas but everyone thought we were Pussy Cats so we decided to change to the Pussy Cat Dolls. Not every original but its hard to fine a outfit like that morning when we were told about the party.


It was good and more drinks were inhaled and memories were made.


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Day 14

Full day in Paris!

sunny 24 °C

Today we had a full day in Paris to look around and do whatever we liked. At 7am we had to have breakfast and get on the coach to go into Paris and get dropped for our activities. Amy was running late and the coach almost left with out us! They had to start driving and as they drove away Amy came through the hotel doors so we ran down the street and at the lights he opened the door. Great way to start the day. If you are late on the bus we have this thing called “Coacheyoke”. its like Karaoke in front off everyone with your headphones in and the microphone through the speakers of the bus. Your headphones need to be up the loudest you can and you have to sign what song is playing / pumping through your ears. Its so funny but Margherita (Magghy) keeps telling us its not for laughter, it’s a punishment for being late. Anyway, lucky Amy was forgotten and didn’t have to do it. If I ever have to do it I will sign DreamCatchMe.

We headed into Paris and got dropped at the Eiffel Tower and decided to go back up to the top in day time, it was a completely different view from the top that’s for sure. It was so cool, such a nice view and so high up. The day was beautiful and we could see for miles! It wasn’t to busy when we went either which was a bonus because you can wait there for more then 2 hours in the line. We got some photos and headed on as we were short for time the whole day.

We then powered walked to Arc De Triomphe via some very expensive shops. The arc was pretty cool but we were limited for time so we didn’t go up it unfortunately. I couldn’t believe the traffic on the roundabout there, its so hectic and the worst roundabout in the world. If you do have a accident there insurance does not cover you (we got the low down from the locals). We then started to head over to see the hunchback of notre dame via a little cafe to get a traditional chocolate croissant. It was nice and a good break from all the walking. Again, we wanted to see Mona Lisa and had nooooooo time to climb the tower at Notre Dame which was lame but we went into the Lourve to visit Mona Lisa. This was awesome, the picture is so much smaller in real life than i thought. Inside this museum was so so hot! We were sweating trying to find the Mona Lisa. Such a mission but so worth it.




That night was so much fun, everyone drank way to much wine though. We headed to this lovely restaurant at the best view of Paris and then to a cabaret show which was AMAZING. It was so good, such a small crowd but smaller the better. We had "free" wine during the show, but we did pay 77 Euro for the show. We were also not allowd to take photos, but me being sneaky i took a few. We then headed to a Irish Pub next door and drank it up for a while. Magghy (our tour guide) was standing on the tables pouring Vodka into everyones mouth. It was a loost night.




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Day 13



Today was the 19th of September and time for us to start our tour around Europe. We had to meet at the bus coach at 6am and we were on the road by 7am.


I sat with Amy to Dover which was were we had to catch a ferry to France. The view from the ship to the Dover white cliffs were amazing, such a good day. I have been so so lucky with the weather, its always sunny! We meet everyone better on the ship and got talking with who does what. We have two tour guides, one driver and one guide. Out guide is called Maggie and driver is called Jo. Maggie does speak English as her first language so we have to correct her a little with some words.


We arrived in Calais port in France a little after 1pm and got back on the coach and headed to Paris. This drive was about 2 hours I think. Everyone was rather excited and it was cool to look out the window of the coach and really see France and its scenery. Our coach is so high it’s a great view from all the windows. We arrived in Paris fine and went straight to our hotel. We then headed to dinner which was next to the hotel and then went into the city for a night tour of Paris. It was awesome, so so warm and such a beautiful city. We saw all the nice sights on the coach and got off at the Eiffel Tower to go for a walk up it or whatever we liked. A few of us went up, me, Amy, Craig and Alex (friends we have made already), It was SO BEAUTIFUL from the top. The city is huge and so pretty. When we went up, they closed the top level at 10.00 and we were in the line from 9.50-10.10 so that was annoying but we went to the second level and knew we were going back tomorrow.



oh i forgot, before the night tour we had a surprise! We got some wine and had a snail at a local place. It was nice, snails were different but i enjoyed them. They tasted like mushrooms!


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