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Day 12

last day in London!


Today was the day for me to explore London as it was my last day in the UK. I woke early and walked into the city from the hotel. It took me about 20mintues to walk there and I started my sight seeing at the London Eye. It was amazing, so much higher than I thought! I got some great pictures and headed on a boat cruise along the river after this.




I got off at London Bridge and had a Chai at Starbuks and continued to walk around the shops looking and browsing. I then walked upto the Tower of London, got some pics and walked back onto the ferry stop. Here I waited about 10 minutes for the next ferry and headed back to the London eye stop as I wanted to walk next to Big Ben. Did that, then headed to Leicester Square because I had a voucher for The Beatles tour around Soho. Did this and went via the huge lions to get a photo next to them.



I then headed to the Beatles tour which went longer than I thought and at this point I was so over walking. I saw and listened to some great history details and saw London’s version of the Red Light District. Its much smaller than usual red light districts apparently. Once the tour finished I headed to Buckingham Palace (walking again) and took some pics from out the front. I just missed the guards changing. Because all the royal family is away at the moment, the palace was open to view for the public. I headed into the line but the man told me they sold out of today’s tickets about 30 minutes ago, I was cut because I really wanted to see the Queen’s diamonds and Kate’s wedding dress. They were both on display. Anyway, I headed to a tube station because I was much further away from my hotel now. I had to stop at a camp shop to get a sleeping bag because we needed one for the tour and I didn’t bring one. My bad.


I found this shop on the way while i was walking. I think its a pretty cool name.

That evening we had a meeting for the tour and then went to the pub in the hotel for a drink to meet everyone. it was good fun

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Day 11

Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the Roman Baths


Today I did one of the main tours I was looking fwd to, Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the Roman Baths. I booked the tour at 7.30 am this morning the the bus came to pick me up at 7.40, i was so organised . not. The weather was looking semi clear, a few grey clouds though. We headed off on the pick up route at all the hotels and the bus was quickly full.

Our first destination was Salisbury Cathedral. This place was amazing, so full of detail in all the walls and roofs. The weather was holding up and i had a good tour of the whole cathedral. We had to meet back at the bus at 12.45 and if you were not there we would leave without you. Well thats what we were told, I didnt think we would actually leave people behind, but sure enough we did. Three people (in a group) did not turn up on time and the bus left. I felt sorry for those people because we were sort of in the middle of knowhere! Anyway, at lunch at the Cathedral i met two lovely men from America. Mitch and Nathan, we became friends and shared the rest of the tour together. It was great to have some other people, especially for the photo taking! :)


Our next destination was Stonehenge which was AMAZING. I have always wanted to see this place and it was really worth it. The weather at this point was a little blue sky and a little grey, but i got some great photos.! Here are a few.



We then headed to Bath - home of the Roman Baths. This place was also very cool and the photos show awesomeness (made that word up).


I am under pressure because i have 3 mintues left of my internet usage. That evening me and Mitch and Nathan got dinner, it was good fun and i headed back to my hotel.

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Day 10

Royal National Hotel

sunny 19 °C

This morning we woke and Jo, Ryan and myself went for a brunch / lunch at the local pub. I had a nice ChilliChicken Salad (FB Group - thats where i got that for sale parachute photo, how good is that?). We then headed back to their small flat and i gathered my belonngings to get the tube to central London where my hotel is for the next 3 nights until i begin my Contiki tour (Wednesday).

The day was beautiful, the weather has been so so good for me! I have used my brolly once and never rain jacket. its awesome. I arrived at the hotel fine and went upto my room. Meet my room mate who was starting a Coniki on Monday called Brittney from NSW. This hotel is huge, i couldnt remember my room number so had to go to the front desk and ask! It was awkward. There were 4000 rooms so who can blame me. Im sure im not the first one who has done that. Anyway, that afternoon i wondered around some of London (mainly around my hotel) and came accross the British Museum. This place was HUGE and i wondered around for about an hour. I saw a NZ wall (in the different culture section) but didnt seem to see an Australian one. Anyway, i continued to walk and wondered back to my hotel. I used the computer there and then went for some dinner. Beacuse it was a Sunday night, a lot of what i wanted was close (sushi) so i went to the local supermarket and got a salad and some chips. I went back to the hotel and enjoyed them while watching the BBC News. Goodtimes.


Emily Beaton, if you are reading this i found this sign. Furby's are back in!



Tomorrow i am going to Stonehenge and a few other attractions.

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Day 9

Heading to London!


Today was the day i went into London to meet Jo at around 1.30. I said goodbye to Alanah at 9am and sat through a hour and a half bus ride into Taunton and then a 2 hour train ride to London Paddington. The travelling was fine, i love looking at the land so i always get a window seat. Again, it was so much like NZ.


I arrived into Paddington and had to get my train to Ealing Broadway within like 2mintues (because the train ticket was set for that one train and time)! I ran with my huge pack to try and get the train but the platform was on the other side of the station. I didnt make it but the lady just let me jump on the next one which was nice. I arrived at Ealing Broadway and i was starving! So hungry and i wanted WiFi so i looked for a maccas. I found one, had a bite to eat, facebooked and then headed back to the station to get a bus, a double decker bus! It was awesome, although people were not happy i had a backpack, it was rather large and i may have hit people on my way through. It wasnt my fault the British doesn't like tourist. I got the bus fine, got off fine and met Jo fine (for the first time). But it all went well and she made me feel really welcomed (thanks again for having me Jo if you are reading this :) ).


That night we went out for a very late dinner (9pm). We got Indian which we thought was a good idea and the restaurant looked nice. We headed in and ordered out mains and got a starter which came out fast. After about 40 mintues we still hadn't got our main meals and i was getting peckish as it was close to 10pm. They finally come out and what they lady thought was chicken was not, it looked like Kangaroo but it turns out it was beef. It looked so gross that when she brought out my chicken i could barely eat any of it. I felt so sick. I really wish i could put a photo on! Anyway, we got them in a dogbag and headed home. I crashed that night and woke at 11am! I need to get out of this sleep pattern.


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Day 8

Goodbye Alanah


So, sorry in advance that this does not have any photos and the next few days wont either because i cant find any computers that have usb cords for my camera :( its lame and i didn't think this would be a issue but i should have brought my laptop.

Anyway, i will just comment and tell you what i am doing during the busy days. Today (the 14th) Alanah and I went into central Minehead and did some more looking around. She had her hair booked in to get done at 1.30 which means i had some time to kill. We woke at 11am (last night was awesome, after our CurryClub we went out with Alanah's friends for some drinks). We walked into Minehead and i sent a parcel to Berry and Norman in Redditch then went into a little cafe for a Chai Latte and to kill time without Alanah. This little cafe was called Cream and they had the best Chai i had ever had! (Sorry Lee, this place bets Bean on the Green, but only by a little). I started writing in my diary to remind myself what i was upto during the days. I went for a longer walk, got Alanah a thank you for having me present and met her back at the hair dressers.

(it is the 23rd and i found a laptop to use, here are some photos!)



Tonight in Butlins it is Adult Break, this is like O week NZ'ers and kinder like Schoolies i think Australians. This place was really really going off! There was no one under 17 allowed. Me and Alanah got Pizza hut for dinner and then joined the crowds for some drinks. We both had to get up semi early the next day but it was worth it.

Tomorrow i am off to London to meet Jo!

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