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Day 7


sunny 20 °C

One week into my trip and it feels like yesterday I left Brisbane. Last night, I forgot to mention that we went to an illusionist show at Butlins. He as truly amazing and read some of the audience minds. He selected some complete randoms from the audience of 400 or so and worked out their pets as children, their best friends and their general life story just from standing rather close to them and talking to them a little. It was incredible. People were saying he does it by talking to the dead or spirits that are familiar with these random people. However he did it, it was extremely well done.

Today Alanah and I checked out more of the town in Minehead and the beauty of the beach. We woke after a long sleep in (10am) and got ready to go into town. The weather today was nice, but a rather cold wind that blow straight through us. When the sun shined it was warm like a summer day. We wondered through all the gift shops and food stores browsing. I then posted a post card to Corrine and Paul in Wellington (enjoy reading it) and a package back to my house in Brisbane. (Kay can you put all the parcels that arrive for me in a plastic bag somewhere, there might be a few). I brought this cute little Buddha for my collection back home from a hairdresser downtown. Its coming everywhere I go to give me luck.


For lunch we shared a pie and some chips on the beach. We were going to get fish and chips but the fish was $7.50 for one piece! After lunch we went for a wonder along the beach and sunbathed for about 1 hour in the heat. On our way back to Butlins, we got some photos on this huge beach chair they have here, but it was difficult to get on! Later this evening we are going for a curry down the road for dinner with some of Alanah’s friends and then to watch some more shows. Might even make an appearance in the one penny machines for the children and see if we can win some ££££££££. :)




Dad and Ruth, if you are reading this, the beach here is nothing like Gisborne. So flat with absolutely no waves, brown water and a little white wash. If you look in the distance you can see Wales, so the beach to me is more like a huge lake.


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Day 6 (Already)

Dunster Castle

all seasons in one day

Today was an interesting day. This morning Alanah and I got on a 15mintue bus ride into Dunster Castle. This castle was amazing, one of the first I have seen on my trip. The details in the walls were incredible, the details in the ceiling were awesome and all the props to make it look old fashion were well done. The morning started off raining but I said from the beginning I have a feeling it will become clear. Its sure did thank goodness because the gardens around the castle were amazing, they were so so peaceful. It was 4 seasons in one day, toady reminded me of Melbourne.


Zach Bell, how awesome is this pool table? I imagine it being in The Grove and we would be the last ones there more often on the weekends. This was in the castle and it was really really big (not sure if the photo shows the actual size).



Once we had wondered around the castle, we got told the town centre (Minehead) was a 20mintue walk. We headed through this cute small village via some shops and onto the main road. We saw a sign for Minehead – 2 and half miles. We thought, yeah allgood we can walk it in jandles / thongs and get there no time. . . well we were really wrong. Trusty Alanah thought she knew the way, but she didn’t. We walked for about 50 minutes and we were completely lost but had bearings were the beach and Butlins was. We thought, the town must be here shortly and finally, after walking for one hour 20 we found it. What was getting us through were all these wild blackberries along the road that we were eating. We both thought they were safe to eat, so we did so.


We were looping around and doing way too many circles in these streets. All the bloody house look identical anyway. I must point out on all the gardens in the houses are so well done, I changed my flower in my hair a few times because of the variety of flowers. We found somewhere to eat (it was 4pm and we hadn’t eaten since 9am) and headed back to Butlins slowly, browsing through shops.

We walked along the beach (at this point the weather was great, but a little windy) and got a few photos and continued to walk back to Butlins.


This evening we are viewing some more shows, one is a tribute to Michael Jackson, apparently it is a well worth seeing and then heading back to Alanah’s room for an early one. She also brought Summer Heights High the other day on DVD, so that has been keeping us entertained in the evenings a little.

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Day 5

Seeing Alanah :)


Today I headed down the West coast of England to a small town called Taunton. My train left at around 11am and I said goodbye to Berry and I was off. The train ride was good fun, we all had reserved seats but I didn’t realise everyone’s individual names were on the seats, I just sat on one that was free. Lucky, no one asked me to move because it was their seat. The country side was beautiful; again it was very similar to NZ. I met Alanah (my stepsister) at Taunton train station and we headed to Minehead (another smaller town on the coast) where she works via a long one and a half hour bus ride. Here, the beach is not like the beach I am used too. The sand is imported from Spain and if they don’t import it then the beach would be completely covered in rocks. The water is rather brown, Alanah said you are crazy if you go swimming (me being the wild kiwi, I was all for it). After viewing the beach from the bus, we arrived at Butlins. Butlins is a family resort full of children activities, bars, restaurants, children gamble machines, rides (like at the Boonah Show) and shops. These machines are for children to place one penny in and see how many you can get back, sometimes a whole load fall out and you made on your money (they are so addictive, but Alanah and I only spent one pound each – $2).

This place is HUGE, it’s so big and in some places nice. Alanah works here in the bar but she got until Saturday off to spend time with me. The staff accommodation is tiny, they call it the “sheds”. Its rather small to say the least.

Later that afternoon, Alanah showed me around Butlins, introduced me to all her friends (its like moving to Australia all over again, “can you say Subaru, Gidaay Mate and Kiora?”) and we had a wonder through the rides. In the evenings here, they have shows nightly for the adults and teenagers. We headed to a few, one was “street dance”, and another was a comedian who was on Britain’s got talent. Can’t remember his name, but he was hilarious! We then had a few ciders and headed back to the shed, it’s about a 10-15 minute walk from the show section to Alanah’s accommodation, that’s how huge this place is!



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Day 4



Today, the weather changed like it was meant too and it poured down. This morning, we caught the train into Birmingham and wondered around the shops. Birmingham is known for its expensive designer outlet stores, shopping centres and a bull. Yes, a bull. Birmingham is also known as “Bullring” as it looked like a bull ring back in the day. There is this huge statue of a bull that the locals change its appearance depending on what is happening in the country at the time. E.g. during all Olympics they had the UK flag as its costume and during the jubilee, it had something else on. Anyway, I got a photo of a boring, normal day for the bull.


This whole bull was made from Jellybeans! It looked pretty amazing.


Later this afternoon we continued to look at shops, I got some great summer bargains! Then we headed to the cannels where there were beautiful little boats and gorgeous flowers covering this little foot bridge. It was quite cute. Although, I didn’t manage to get a photo as it was raining and I thought it was such an effort getting out my camera in the rain! We headed to somewhere where I knew sold chai lattes - starbucks! After my fix, we checked out the town hall, some statues here and there and a cupcake store! Myles, thought of you this point. This is one of the 7 cabinets they had.


As we headed back to Redditch, I noticed something I had always wanted to see and get a photo next to. MILLIE’S COOKIES! Yummmmo. (Emma and Garth Cumming. thought of you two at this point).


We ended the day with dinner at the local pub. They add nice apple cider (not sure the name) and yum streak + salad. Had to say the chips weren’t to flash!


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Day 3

sunny 25 °C

Today was a very chilled day for me. The jetlag defiantly caught up on me more than I thought and I rested this morning in the sun. Lucky enough it was a sunny beautiful day again so I sunbathed and soaked up some vitamin c. I hear though the grape vine, the warm sunny weather is leaving by tomorrow and its going back to "normal" (grey sky, rain and winds). Joy.

At about 10am I had a nap, then I woke and went for a walk around what they call “The Woods” here - its literally a nice park walk through trees obviously. Later this afternoon friends from down the road came for a late lunch and pudding. It its now 8pm and the sun has just gone down and I am going to watch the closing ceremony of the paralympics. Seeing Coldplay play will get me excited for November (Claire, Nikita and Bridge) ;)

Tomorrow will be more of an interesting day!

Mum and Dave, this photo is for you.


Bridget if you are reading this I saw this in the town the other day and thought of you. What more could we want on a night out??


Ellice, if you are reading this, which you better be, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 9th xo

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