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Day 2

Shakespeare's town!

After my 12 hour sleep, I feel refreshed and ready for tourist things. Berry and I had some breakfast and heading to Stratford upon Avon. This small town is where the famous William Shakespeare was born, lived and died here. We started the day at 9am, the weather in Redditch was getting warm so I wore summer clothes (knowing how nice it was yesterday, I could see it would be the same today). Stratford was about 40 minutes away. We drove along the country side, very beautiful I must say! So much like NZ! About half way into our road trip, it started to go a bit foggy. That was fine apart from the fog did not leave and it only got worst! We arrived at this tourist town and literally could not see for more than a meter in front of you. Berry said she has never ever seen or heard it to be like it was. So heres me in shorts and a thin cardie, not even joking I think it was about 5 degrees. I WAS FREEZING to say the least. IMG_0070.jpg
We got walking (I figured we could only get warmer) but I stayed cold. Because I was that cold, all I wanted was a chai latte or a warm drink. We found this awesome French café (although they had no idea what I was saying when I asked for a chai latte) but Berry and I got some hot chocolates and an apricot croissant to share. They were both delish! The hot chocolate was like pure chocolate, it warmed me up a little. We then walked outside to the cold again and wondered into the shops for warmth. At this point the fog was clearing a little and the sun was trying its best to come out! We browsed the shops, and coincidence The Script came on, so I did what I did with Newton Faulkner’s song, pretended to look at more and when It finished, we left. J wondering in and out of many shops, it was truly getting warmer and more bearable. We then walked (with the crowd) to Shakespeare’s birthing place. We didn’t go in because of the crowd and we had other things to do within the day. On the way there, there was this statue. He was dressed to look like William himself but it was one of those ones where you put some coins in and get a photograph with them. So I did, being the tourist and all. Berry said, be careful, sometimes they turn and scare tourists. I was like yeah yeah yeah. I went up and went to hold his hand, he was so still and didn’t even look real, until he literally turned around to me super fast and said “boo”. I have never been so scared. Berry got awesome photos of this, I will show you. Anyway, got a pic and wondered off. He had his eye on me though. I then went to this thing where you place your head in the hole and it looks funny. Yeah, not that funny when this statue thing is running after me and I couldn’t see him but everyone around could! He came up to my face and again gave me one hell of a flight! It was not cool. he was way to sneaky!



We then got some pics in front of William’s house and then headed to his grave in this GORGEOUS church! It was just stunning. There lay William himself, his wife Anne and daughter. It was so peaceful and very busy. By this time the fog had cleared and it was a beautiful day! We wondered along the river and looked at the swans, the super large trees and the boat races that were happening. I then saw an tourist shop and stopped to get a key chain and a shot glass. I figured I am going to get a shot class from every town / city I go to then place them all on a board when I get back home. They will come in handy with all the loose parties we have and each glass will have a story behind it.


From here we went to Anne Hathaway cottage (this is William’s wife) which was lovely, got some pictures and then headed home for lunch (at 3pm) and a chill out afternoon. Got to say all the walking is getting me a little tired but I can blame it on the jet lag a little. I’m not as jet lagged as I thought I would be though.


Shannon - if you are reading this, there are so many of those beautiful tress I was obsessed with at Palmers. Remember the ones I had to ask Lorry about 5 times the name of them. They are so rich in dark purple leaves and everywhere. I am definitely going to have some when I am rich and own a house later in life. J

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Day 1 + Plane Journey

sunny 26 °C

Well, the day had come for me to set off on my adventure to London. I said goodbye to Kay at the airport and found my queue in the Etihad line. Coincidence, I found Amy and her family in the same line, we never booked the flights together, but we knew that we were both leaving on the 6th. Because my destination was London and hers was Ireland I figured we wouldn’t be on the same flight. Turns out we were until we reached Abu Dhabi were we separated. On the way to Abu Dhabi, I had a window seat next to a nice fella (didn’t even exchange names), who was heading to Brussels to see family. I finally broke the awkward silence and starting a few, maybe to many conversations, with him. I’m glad we got talking, because the amount of water, soft drink, juice and alcohol they were bringing us soon hit my bladder and I had to ask him to move every hour for me to go to the toilet. It was rather funny but I felt bad for making him get up all the time. Better to be hydrated than not I say! I watched a few movies until our stop over at Singapore at some ridiculous hour in the morning. We had about 50 minutes to wait and I was very surprised with the heat in Singapore, and not to mention the pollution that covered the city! It was like a fog but brown.

From Singapore to Abu Dhabi, we had the same seats and I watched many modern family episodes, Toy Story and The Lucky One. The movies and music really got me through the flights. I did try and sleep, but failed miserably. Finally landing in Abu Dhabi I said goodbye to Amy and her family and boarded another 7 hour flight to London. During this time I read about Lindsey Lohan having a $4million hotel bill and the Kardashians usual drama. If only I was a celebrity. On this flight, I had the aisle seat, which was fine, but I did want to see the view overlooking London when we arrived. I managed to have a sneak peak leaning into the couple next to me. The London Eye looked HUGE from the sky, cant wait to go there! Arriving in London, got through customs allgood! Apart from the old guy who served me at customs, I think he thought I was dodgy. He wanted my contiki itinerary, flights home and all address with who I was staying with in the UK. During this time, he would look at the paper, look at me, look at the paper and then give me a small smile and said “enjoy”. The suspension was the worst! Anyway, made my way to the tube station (thanks William Foxcroft for the oyster card, (its like a Go card) it had £7.50 on it! Catherine, don’t worry, I will use yours too) and found the tube that took me to Euston station where I headed for Birmingham. The tube was good fun, so fast and dark at times. But 50% of the journey we were above ground so it was similar to the trains I think. My ears were popping like mad, but it didn’t help that they were causing me grief on the plane ride. Made it to Euston where I got a ticket to Birmingham and then to Redditch where I met Berry and Norman (Berry is Dave (my mothers partners) mum). Confusing I know, so I am just going to call her Berry. The train ride was also good fun, but at this point, I had travelled for over 30 hours so I was SO over it. My face was discussing but I tried to be friendly to people who talked to me. “oh, that bag looks heavy dear! Where are you from?”. That was the usual. I only had 13kg, so when I go all out on shopping here I am going to get another case to take home. Works out a treat! on the train, looking out the window i thought it was very silmiar to New Zealand country side. Sheep everywhere and large areas of farm. Made it to Redditch, met Berry and she took me back to their place. Here it is warmer I would say than Australia at the moment. So so nice weather, so I lay in the sun for a good half an hour until I was getting burnt! It was awesome. Then I indulged on some strawberries and cream until Berry asked if I wanted to go to the shops with her.

At this point I was beyond tired and feeling a little faint, I said sure, why not! I hate saying no to things. We headed to the shops, had a walk around and didn’t buy anything which was a surprise. Everything I think here is pretty cheap. Newton Faulkner was playing in one of the department stores so I pretended to have a look around until the song finished. I love him. We headed home where I just couldn’t bear being awake now, it was 5pm and perfect time for a nap. 2 hours later (thanks to my handy dandy alarm) I woke and It was still so light! Coming on 7.30 we had a yummy dinner and I called my mother for a quick hello how are you type conversation. It hit 8-8.30 and finally it was dark and time for me to soak up some energy for the next day! As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out cold.

Oh this last image, notice my ankles! My whole legs and ankles were larger than normal. I could almost not fit my thongs. This is because of the pressure and the distance for the plane journey. Thanks to a good night sleep, they deflated.

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