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Day 42


sunny 13 °C

Today Bo and myself had a 'chilled' day. Or what i thought was chilled. It was Anne, Bo´s mum´s birthday. We woke and gave her some presents and all had breakfast together. I then skyped with Ellice in NZ and mum for about 30 minutes. After this Bo and I did some apple picking in his back yard. This village is over populated with apples. Seriously they are everywhere! He has two trees with ripe apples ready to be picked. We both had a go at shaking the trees to let the apples fall, i failed big time. I couldnt really shake one off, wheres Bo made all the apples fall! It was funny to watch. We had a race who could fill the crate first, Bo claims he won, but really my crate was much larger!





This is Bo´s dog, Luie.

This is the finished product. We took these apples to a dude who turns them into juice and Bo will pick the juice up on Saturday. He gets 70 Liters from these apples. Pity i am not here to try the juice, but the dude was kind and let me taste test some when we were there. I have fallen in love with pure apple juice! It was so delish.


We then went on his old fashioned scooter for a ride. He had not used this in a while, so it took a few times to start, but we got there in the end. This scooter was awesome, it went about 70 KM but where Bo lives is quite a small village so we owned the road.




After this, we went for a bike ride around the village. Today was the warmest days i have had in Germany. It was so lovely and the sun was shinning to the max! I sent some things home, mainly my summer clothes. (Kay they should arrive by the time i am home, i put my name on the parcel) :)



After this, we had an afternoon tea hot chocolate and coffee with Bo´s family and a few of his mum´s friends to celebrate her birthday. This was nice because they couldnt believe we were sitting outside this time of year and not cold. Bo and I then went for a long board along his street.


After this, we came home, chilled for a bit and then i went on the AutoBahn with Bo´s aunty. This time around we went 225KM PerHour!!! I was loving it. We had the music up full and we were passing all the slowpokes on the road. It was the best feeling going that fast. We did two laps, and then headed home to a bit of a party. Anne´s family and friends were here for her birthday and Bo was at football training. We had a fire outside and some candles, the atmosphere was great!

CAAD1D692219AC6817E395EF3139F510.jpg :) :)


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Day 41

Everything in Hamburg

sunny 10 °C

Today was a super busy day. We woke at 7am and headed back onto the Ferry into Hamburg to explore the city more. The ferry ride this morning was extra cold and we were on the top to make the most of the views. Our first stop was the MiniatureWonderland which was AMAZING. My photos really dont show all the detail. This place is a Mini version of Switzerland, Austria, America, Hamburg, Hamburg airport and Scandinavia. It was really really really really detailed.



And all the cities and displays went from dark to light to show night and day so they all lit up so well. The cars, trucks and trains were all moving on the tracks too. All the people were detailed to the max!!



We then hired two bikes and rode around Harbour City. There is a modern part of the harbour and a older part that we rode to.



From here we got all you can eat Asian for lunch because we were starving and then wondered around a few gift shops. For a change i didnt buy anything. We got some bikes again and rode to the centre of Hamburg, Sankt Michael Church. This church was amazing, so detailed and huge. We lit a candle together and headed to the bell tower at the top. Bo made us walk and it was only 452 stairs! The tower was 109 meters high. I was struggling by stair number 200. Amy, it reminded me of the Eiffel Tower. :)




We then walked back towards the water and caught the ferry one stop down to a submarine that they have turned into a museum. I really enjoyed this and learnt a lot about Submarines! It was such a tight space, Lauren you would have died.



Oh i forgot, i got a photo with this cool statue dude on the way, i love these guys.


This is one long day! We then walked about 1KM to Docklands. This is a HUGE office building that is in the shape of a ship. People can climb to the top and see the view but you cant go inside unless you work there. Its made from 5 different offices for 5 different businesses.



We then came home, via the supermarket and i got to drive Bo´s car. Its a manual, allgood. BUT i went to go onto the left hand side when i turned out from a intersection. That could have ended bad, i forget we are on the otherside here and when you are not driving you dont take as much notice of it. But we survived so allgoood. We just played scrabble, and sorry to disappoint you mother, but i lost against three Germans. It was good fun though. Ellice if you are reading this get ready to skype girlfriend!

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Day 40


semi-overcast 8 °C

Today Bo had a job interview at 2pm in Hamburg so we headed into the city around 12 to get there on time and chill for the morning.We caught a ferry across to Hamburg which was nice. A good way for me to see the surroundings. The houses along the river front were beautiful and so so big! They were like mansions.



Today the sun was shining for the morning but it was still cold in the wind. I think between 7-10degrees during the day. I met Lena when Bo went for his interview and we had a wonder around the area. We walked to the river front and went to Hamburg University. This place is huge and we acted like we studied there and headed into a lecture hall. I dont have any photos because the hall was FULL with people and i didnt wanna be a dork. This uni is massive, the lecture hall looked like a opera house.

After this, we met Bo and we headed into the city for some shopping. I brought a few things in H&M (gotta love that place) and it then began to rain. We got a slice of pizza and headed to this super old tunnel that runs from one side of Elbe River (the main river that is through the city) to the other. We walked it and some cars drove it. The tunnel is only 406 meters and the cars get lifted up and down by this huge lift. Its pretty interesting!





After this we headed home, my feet were so wet because of my budget shoes and the rain. Bo had football training and i had dinner with his mum. When Bo returned home, we had a beer and watched Germany tie Sweden in the football. Then we skyped Alex McCall and thats about it for today.

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Day 39


overcast 8 °C

Today was awesome, we did a lot of things in one day. This morning Bo headed to his cafe he works at to help out until 12. He came back here at 12 and i was still asleep! I thought i would have been up but nooo. turns out i got 15 hours sleep, it was amazing and just what i needed! From here i got ready and we headed for some sights. the first was a bridge called Estebrügge/Moorende. This is where Bo lives, it is the cuttest little village ever and all the locals know each other. There is about 3 thousand people here, so not many at all.

IMG_1556.jpg this photo looks like i am floating.

We then headed too some apple vine yards. They are EVERYWHERE in this part of Germany. All you see on the country side is apples, apples and more apples.

IMG_1562.jpg It was rather chilly today too. I am glad i brought this hoodie in Venice, i knew it would come in handy.

We then headed to the community called Jork which is about 20 minutes from his home. Here we went to many different little communities in one. First stop was this cool windmill but it was a restaurant in one.

IMG_1569.jpg here it started to rain, but that didnt stop us from taking some photos.

After this, we read about some history on the rivers and boats and then headed into Jork town centre. I dont think its bug enough to call it a city. this is Bo´s work. Its the cutest cafe ever, but closed for a week or so.


We went into the church and town hall of Jork and had a wonder around. There were some cute gift shops and cafes.

We then got some photos at Lüheanleger, which is a ferry point to head over to Hamburg via boat. This was a nice view of the water, but the rain and fog made it hard to see in distance.


Stade was our next stop, we walked around the centre, got some photos and then headed to some shops. There was the COOLEST shop called Butlers. They had perfect gifts for people. I brought more than i can carry, but i figured ill take it all on as hand luggage on my flight home. Bo also brought a few things for his family. They had the coolest Christmas decorations!



We then drove on the Autobahn to Buxtehude. The AutoBahn was pretty amazing, we got up to 160KM but cars were going at least 200KM pass us. We are going to do this later in the week with Bo´s aunty´s car. Apparently we are going to go 240KM plus so thats exciting. In Buxtehude, this is where Bo went to school before and after he came to NZ. His school was called Halepaghen Schule and we had a wonder around there. Such a different school compared to NZ! It was cool to see. We then went to go to the Church here, but it was about 5pm and they closed at 12. We headed for dinner where we had a Döner Kebab. It was similar to NZ and AUS kebad but on terkish bread.


We then headed home and chilled, skyped Kim, and had some hot chocolates! Bo is the best at making them.

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Day 38

Football, Cleaning and Dinner!

overcast 8 °C

Today was pretty chilled. Last night we had a party at Bo´s grandmother´s guest house and all of his close friends came to celebrate his birthday. This was good fun, everyone talked english so i fitted in well. All his friends were very friendly and welcoming to me. We partied until about 3.45 and it was time to head for bed. We walked back to Bo´s house in the rain and i fell asleep straight away.


This morning, after the party we woke at 10pm and headed to Bo´s football match to watch him and his team kick asss. The guys on the team were at the party last night so most of them were hung over. Bo´s mum, me and Lena (Bo´s girlfriend) watched on the sideline. It was so damm cold. About 8 degrees i think!


IMG_1542.jpg this is how cold i was, i def didnt wear enough clothes!

We then headed to the house to clean up from last night. Germans know how to drink thats forsure. We had so many empty bottles of everything you can think of. Later this afternoon we just chilled and rested. This evening we had a family dinner at Bo´s grandmas house. This was awesome, i felt like part of the family! They spoke in German most of the time but i enjoyed listening and taking it all in. Bo cooked our dinner, we had "Flammkuchen" and "Sabayone" for desert. Flammkuchen is like a pizza but much thinner base and different ingredients than usual bases of pizza. It was delish! Bo did a awesome job, the food he made was the food he makes at the cafe he works at.


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